Our firm has a strong focus on advising clients regarding business related matters. We regularly assist business owners, private companies, and not-for-profit entities with legal matters that arise at all stages, from incorporation through operations to succession planning.

We provide legal services related to:

  • Incorporation and choice of structure;
  • Shareholders’ Agreements;
  • Commercial Contracts;
  • Purchase and Sale Transactions;
  • Succession Planning; and
  • Corporate Reorganizations.

    In particular, Mary Lawson has extensive experiences with corporate reorganizations. She routinely works with tax accountants and other professionals to implement reorganization plans.

    We also regularly assist clients with commercial lending matters on behalf of both lenders and borrowers.

    We also strive to provide service to corporate clients in other practice areas, such as real estate and litigation.

  • Our lawyers are experienced in achieving results though contested and uncontested means. We represent clients in matters relating to division of property (including business assets), child guardianship, parenting rights and obligations, child and spousal support.

    We offer the following specific services:

  • Separation Agreements;
  • Co-habitation and Marriage Agreements;
  • Mediation;
  • Litigation;
  • Collaborative law; and
  • Consultations.

    In recognition that complex circumstances require tailored advice and creative problem solving, our lawyers approach each matter and each family individually. We strive to ensure our clients are supported throughout whichever dispute resolution process best suits their needs.
    Doug Sperry is an accredited family law mediator and regularly mediates for parties regarding a wide variety of family law disputes.

  • Our litigation team handles all manner of Supreme Court civil litigation. We represent clients in matters related to:

  • Estates and wills variation;
  • Real property disputes;
  • Personal injury and other negligence claims;
  • Contractual disputes;
  • Employment; and
  • Other matters.

    Our lawyers can assist in negotiations, pleadings, chambers practice, and through to trial. We also offer unbundled litigation services on an ad hoc basis.

    Additionally, we offer mediation services in relation to all civil disputes.

  • Our real estate team includes lawyers and highly experienced conveyancers. We have a demonstrated ability to assist with a variety of real estate matters, including:

  • Residential transactions;
  • Commercial transactions;
  • Financing;
  • Leases;
  • Agreements for sale, easements, and other charges registered on title; and
  • Subdivisions and other issues related to development.

    Real estate matters frequently arise in relation to family law separations, wills and estates, and corporate commercial. As a multi-service firm, we can integrate our real estate services with other relevant practice areas.

  • Our wills and estates team has experience with estate planning and administering estates following a death. We assist with estate planning, including advising on and preparing wills, trusts, powers of attorney and representation agreements.

    In relation to estate administration, we regularly assist clients with the following:

  • Obtaining probate, including applying for grants of letters probate;
  • Navigating intestacy (where a person has died without a will), including applying for grants of letters of administration;
  • Preparing executor’s accounts and releases;
  • Advice to beneficiaries in relation to accounts and releases;
  • Advice regarding the transfer of assets to beneficiaries, including the transmission of real property;

    Our litigation team assists with wills variation applications and contesting wills.